A year ago today, I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Writing a book had always been on my bucket list, but the publication of “Behind the Red Door: Unlock Your Advocacy Influence and Success” was just the beginning.

May 29, 2016, the book’s release date, kicked off a banner year in which I traveled to more than 30 cities, spoke to 30,000 people at more than 75 events and autographed 5,000 books.

“Behind the Red Door” was ranked as an Amazon Best Seller, and what a thrill it was to see the cover of the book on a billboard in Times Square!

Those are moments I will never forget, but what really stands out to me are the people I met along the way. Thousands of people representing diverse causes and issues are using “Behind the Red Door” to embolden their own advocacy and accomplish their dreams.

Meeting readers like the woman who threw her arms around my neck and said, “You inspired me to start my own company,” has been humbling. As a CEO, knowing that I’ve encouraged other women on their path to entrepreneurship is especially rewarding.

I wrote “Behind the Red Door,” not as a textbook, but as a tool to empower others to discover their voice. The book has resonated with people from all walks of life because it presents trusted tactics they can use to jumpstart their own campaigns.

“Behind the Red Door” represents more than two decades of helping hundreds of people and organizations harness their potential to effect change. I started Moore Communications Group because I wanted to give voice to the voiceless. I also wanted to help businesses succeed. In the corporate realm, advocacy cultivates relationships that transform clients and employees into loyalists and champions.

How Can Advocacy Build Business?

During the past year, I’ve seen advocacy growing like never before.

More corporations are realizing that consumers expect businesses to use their resources and influence to accomplish good in the world. Small businesses and start-ups are discovering that advocacy is a powerful and cost-effective way of growing your bottom line.

Three Companies Winning By Doing Good And What You Can Learn From Them

And in the public affairs arena, more people are stepping up to champion important causes and issues. A recent report by the Congressional Management Foundation confirmed what advocacy experts have known for decades: Citizens who mobilize for change truly influence our nation’s lawmakers.

Report Highlights The Power of Citizen Advocacy

We’ve also seen how advocacy is changing the role of marketers, who now serve as activists, publishers and data analysts. Storytelling, along with digital and social media, are essential tools for amplifying your advocacy voice.

“Behind the Red Door” has also served as a pipeline for continued growth at MCG. The next year is going to be even more exciting as we celebrate our 25th anniversary as a leader in integrated communications. I already have two international speaking engagements on the books!

What about you? Are you tapping into the power of advocacy for your organization, brand or issue?

Join me as we kick off year two of this exciting journey and discover your influence and success “Behind the Red Door.”

Karen B. Moore is founder and CEO of Moore Communications Group and author of “Behind the Red Door: Unlock Your Advocacy Influence and Success.”